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Rita Hildebrandt, intuitive readings, artwork, workshopsMy background combines a wide range of experiences, from foreign language teacher to corporate executive to spiritual counselor and visual artist. I have been spiritually guided since I was a young girl and faithfully followed that guidance throughout my life. I bring to you the gift of a deep spiritual essence that has been tested and grounded in the arena of life.

Since 1991 I have facilitated groups in the Expressive Arts, Dreams and Soul Work in Los Angeles and Orange County and giving readings and consultations in the USA and internationally.  I have exhibited and sold my art at “Evolution” gallery in Issaqua, WA and “Golden West” gallery in Laguna Beach and to my clients.

I have a Foreign Language Translation degree from the University of Buenos Aires and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. I have trained in the Expressive Arts with Natalie Rogers, PhD, at the Person Centered Expressive Arts Institute in Northern Ca. and with Jane Goldberg, PhD, at her Institute here in Southern Ca. The foundation of my craft was established with Drs. Sidra and Hal Stone and refined further with workshops by Dr. Aizenstat, Dr. Moss, Jean Claude Van Itallie and others.  I am a member of the Intl. Assoc. for the Study of Dreams.

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